About Us

Our History

북한개혁방송의 설립 목적에 관해 알려드립니다.

Purpose of Establishment

Since 2007, NKRR has broadcasted shortwave radio signals into the DPRK. Our primary target audience is North Korea’s elite population (military officers, intellectuals, university students). We strive to educate the future leaders of North Korea and help them access external information, so that they can lead the internal reform themselves while promoting ideals of democracy and freedom.

NKRR History

Dec. 2007 Launched first shortwave radio signal into the DPRK for 30 mins/day
Oct. 2010 Established NKRR’s documentary and media business department
July. 2011 Expanded broadcasting time to 2 hours/day
Sep. 2017 Awarded grants from DRL (Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor)
and NED (National Endowment for Democracy)
Oct. 2010 Awarded grants from NDI (National Democratic Institute)
and NED (National Endowment for Democracy)