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President’s Address

북한개혁방송의 설립 목적에 관해 알려드립니다.

The DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) remains the world’s most isolated country, according to the World Policy Journal. The human rights abuses in North Korea are beyond anyone’s imagination. In the DPRK, accessing the internet, foreign TV, foreign books, foreign movies, foreign radio, and even soap operas from overseas are strictly prohibited by the dictatorial Kim regime.

For even the lightest crimes, North Korean citizens can be punished and potentially face public execution. There are more than hundreds of thousands of political prisoners in North Korean gulags.

Despite the dire consequences though, many North Koreans today (approximately 1.8 million) are covertly tuning into foreign media signals to seek information. These 1.8 million people constitute roughly 7-8% of the DPRK population. To add, according to NKRR’s 2015 Report on North Koreans’ Radio Usage, of the 150 defectors we interviewed, almost 70% of them tuned into foreign radio at least once a month.

NKRR seeks to increase accessibility to information in North Korea in hopes of guiding citizens towards ideals of democracy, freedom and human rights. Our target audience is the elite population which consists of groups like, military officers, intellectuals, and university students. These groups are more likely to not only have access to foreign media, but to also bring about tangible change in Pyongyang. By broadcasting radio programs and disseminating other media materials into North Korea, NKRR strives to equip North Korean citizens, especially the youth, to lead the change themselves and stir change from the inside out for the next generation.

We believe that your support today will help more North Koreans increase their exposure to information and ultimately work towards building a democracy: one that revolves around an awareness of human rights and principles.

Thank you.